Story Time


Our family has been farming in the Long Green Valley for over 100 years and five generations. John Mathias Prigel moved to the property which is now Bellevale Farm as a sharecropper in 1895, and Prigels have been dairy farming here ever since. We are now diversifying our farming practices to enable our business to survive in changing times. Prigel Family Creamery will allow Bellevale Farm to be economically and environmentally sustainable and a continuing part of Long Green Valleys agricultural heritage


Going Organic


Bellevale Farm received its organic certification in 2008. Organic practices ensure the good health of our herd and the high quality of our milk. Our 150 milk cows graze fresh grass day and night. We prefer natural holistic remedies for the health of our cows instead of antibiotics and synthetic hormones. The average dairy cow on industrial farms only lives about four years, with two years milk production. We breed our cows for longevity and strong bodies, instead of high milk production so our cows will have “15 trouble-free years” of productive life. Our milk meets or exceeds quality standards and our cows’ health is excellent, clearly their lifestyle agrees with them.



To our Dear Customers,


We desire to be fully transparent, especially with all the marketing ploys and deception in the market these days. We feel like we need to inform you of some changes we have made to our ice cream. In the past we have bought all individual ingredients to mix them ourselves to make our ice cream base. Because we process on such a small scale, maintaining the current way of making mix costs us 8OK more a year and is impossible to maintain. We have had hard decisions to make and we have decided to buy our mix ingredients ( cream, sugar, stabilizer, milk) already put together.  The only downside of this is that while we do add our milk to the mix, it is not exclusively our milk and is a minor addition. Our ingredient labels don’t even change because the ingredients are the same high-quality components we have always used.


Please be assured that the milk and yogurt we sell in our shop is %100 OUR organic,  grass fed, grain free milk from OUR cows and will remain that way. The pork and Beef sold in our retail are also 100% raised on our farm, pastured meat.

As we go forward we hope to expand our Dairy products that are pure, simple dairy sourced straight from our farm only.


Thank you for sticking with us in this journey of trying to maintain and preserve this Farm and our Dairy. We have learned so much, continue to learn and are constantly striving to be better! Please rest assured we will always be HONEST and transparent with you.


Your Creamery Family