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wonderfarm camp


from 9am - 12pm

June 24th - 28th | July 22nd - 26th |

August 12th - 16th

for kiddos 6 - 11

5 days of farm fun to learn, create, play and eat! A memorable and immersive experience for your child to cultivate and create on our farm. A great opportunity for children to connect with nature, animals and friends away from screens this summer.


At Prigel Family Farm we are committed to our community, humane treatment of our animals and integrity in our stewardship of the land. This summer, we are thrilled to offer an immersive day-camp experience for children- teaching them to appreciate, understand and enjoy the where and how of farm-based foods and products. Children will participate in educational hands-on farming & creating activities, while learning the ins and outs of sustainable farming, cultivating and producing.

Wonderfarm Camp
at prigel family farm

Registration is now open!

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